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A method to design the contour and conception of a plug nozzle of arbitrary shape, but specified exit flow conditions is presented. Severals shapes can be obtained for exit Mach number by changing the specific heats ratio. The characteristics of the nozzle in terms of length, weight and pressure force exerted on the wall are compared to the Minimum Length Nozzle and found to be better. Our field of study is limited to the supersonic mode to not to have the dissociation of the molecules. The design method is based on the use of the Prandtl Meyer function of a perfect gas. The flow is not axial at the throat, which may be advantageous for many propulsion applications. The performance benefits of the plug nozzle compared to the Minimum Length Nozzle are also presented.


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Zebbiche, T., & Youbi, Z. E. (2023). Supersonic Plug Nozzle Conception and Comparison to the MLN Configuration. Journal of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies, 58(3), 184–196.


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