AeSI encourages and provides membership for the Engineers & Aeronautical Professionals and for Industries as Corporate Members.

Individual Membership Benefits of The Aeronautical Society of India.

  1. The Society provides platform to the members to meet and discuss issues of mutual interests with professionals in the field of Aeronautics and Aerospace Sciences.
  2. The Society provides free participation in the seminars, Workshops, and conferences by the Society to promote aeronautics and aerospace sciences and to bring about greater awareness in these.
  3. The Society publishes a quarterly Journal devoted to research and technical papers on various facets of aeronautical sciences. Every member is entitled for a copy of the Journal.
  4. The Society publish newsletter/ bulletin every month and distribute free of cost to its member.
  5. The Society confers numbers of awards every year to its members for outstanding contribution in fundamental and applied research in the field of aeronautics and aerospace.
  6. The Society conducts annual essay competitions to recognize and encourage talent amongst its young scientist/engineer/student members.
  7. The Society provides library facilities at HQ at Delhi and in a member of its Branches.
  8. The Society provides financial assistance as well as organises on job training for deserving AeSI pass out Graduate Members. Concessional subscription rates for participation in Seminars/Workshops organized by allied Institutions.
  9. Flexibility to associate with any AeSI Branch out of 19 as and when required.
  10. The Society helps the Members to connect with the experts from the Industry.

Corporate Membership Benefits of The Aeronautical Society of India

  1. Partnering for National and International level events.
  2. Social Networking with other corporate organizations and professional members.
  3. Access to Our International Journal “Journal of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies”.
  4. Access to our Monthly AeSI E-News.
  5. Access to the benefits on the new online portal and advertisement opportunities.

Procedure to enroll for AeSI Membership

Membership Categories of The Aeronautical Society of India:

Sl. No. Grade of Member
Corporate Member
Corporate Member MSME Corporate Member Startups
2 Honorary Fellow
3 Fellow
4 Member
5 Companion
6 Associate Member
7 Graduate
8 Associate
9 Student Member
  1. Applying for Grade: Applicants have to select the Membership Grade for which he/she is interested in applying according to his/her Educational Qualifications.
    Applicants may select the suitable Corporate Membership as per the Corporate’s turnover, service range, number of employees, etc.
  2. Applicant can apply for AeSI Membership through both online or offline mode.
  3. Guidelines for filling offline application form:

    a) Application forms can be downloaded in pdf format from AeSI official website or the applicant can email at official email ID to receive the form.

    b) The applicants are suggested to read all the guidelines carefully before filling the application form or if they face any issue while filling form, then they can contact AeSI Team on 011-23370768 or e-mail their problem at

    c) DEMAND DRAFT or Cheque / ONLINE PAYMENT Receipt: To ensure convenience of applicant, payments of application forms can be made through both Online/Offline methods. Demand Draft details should be filled by those candidates who prefer to send Demand Draft along with filled application form and the Demand Draft should be in favour of ‘The Aeronautical Society of India’ Payable at New Delhi, else those applicants who prefer to pay online via NEFT/RTGS they have to mention the transaction reference number which is generated after every successful online transaction or have to send transaction slip attached along with the form

    d) Declaration: This column is only to read and confirm that all the details filled in the form is very and correct and according to the facts and the applicant has read and understood the terms and conditions very carefully before filling up of application form and if the candidate fails to fulfil the criteria, then the application form will be liable to get rejected and the fees paid for the form will be refunded. And at last, all the applicants are advised to sign with date, place and mention Branch location in the space provided in the application form. The declaration should also include the name, approval and signature of Proposers.

    e) Along with Declaration, the applicant is also required to sign Form- L and G in the application Form.

    f) The applicant is required to send their duly filled application form through post addressing to the Honorary Secretary General, The Aeronautical Society of India, 13-B, IP Estate, New Delhi-110002 or any nearest Branch of AeSI.
  4. Guidelines for filling online application form:

    a) The applicant can apply for AeSI Membership through online mode via AeSI official website that is

    b) The applicant can directly fill online form in the website’s Membership Portal and can make the payment for Membership fee through Visa/Master Card/Rupay/Amex.

    c) After making the Payment for the AeSI Membership, the applicant receives the PDF of his/her Membership Form on the registered email.

    d) The PDF of the applicant’s Membership Form is also sent to the email of the two Proposers selected in the Membership Form by the applicant for their approval. The Proposers can approve the applicant’s Membership either via AeSI official website or can also approve by sending the approval via email on the AeSI email address that is in case of any issue.
  5. After the application form is received by the Head Office, AeSI Membership team will verify the application form and forward the application form to Grading Committee for approval in its subsequent Meeting.
  6. If the eligibility criteria are met by the applicant, then the Grading committee approve that applicant to become AeSI Member. Note: The applicant can check the status of the application on his/her online profile page.
  7. After the approval of application, AeSI team will allot and email Membership number to the applicant. If member applied through online mode, then AeSI team will add their Membership number in their online website portal and if applicant applied through offline mode, then AeSI team will create their Membership profile in online website portal.
  8. After allotment of Membership number, Member will receive I-Card, Election Letter, Certificate, Receipt, Option form to get AeSI Journal through postal service. Graduate Members will receive I-Card, Election of Letter, Certificate, Option form to get AeSI Journal through postal service.
  9. If any applicant is not eligible for Membership. Then AeSI team will prepare letter of rejection and return their payment for Membership Fee through cheque & documents if any.
  10. Applicant seeking Membership upgradation can email at the AeSI official email regarding the upgradation and is required to pay the difference between the amount already paid for the present grade and the amount (fees) for the grade applied for
Current Applicable Membership Fee in various Grades
For Resident Indians
Grades Life Membership Fee Annual Fee GST (18%) Total amount
For Fellows/Members/ Companions Rs. 7500/- N/A Rs 1350/- Rs 8850/-
 For Associate Members Rs. 4500/- N/A Rs 810/- Rs 5310/-
 For Graduates/Associates Rs. 2200/- N/A Rs 396/- Rs 2596/-
 For Students Rs. 1500/- (Valid for 5 years only) Rs 300/- Rs 270/- or Rs 54/- Rs 1770/- or Rs 354/-
For Members Staying Abroad
Grades Life Membership Fee Annual Fee GST (18%) Total amount
For Fellows/Members/ Companions US $. 200/- N/A US $.36/-      US $. 236/-
 For Associate Members US $. 150/- N/A US $.27/- US $. 177/-
 For Graduates/Associates US $. 50/- N/A US $.9/- US $. 59/-
 For Students N/A US $. 10/-      US $.8/- US $. 12/-
For Corporate Membership
Grades Life Membership Fee GST (18%) Total amount
Corporate Member Rs. 5,00,000/- Rs. 90,000/- Rs. 5,90,000/-
 MSME Corporate Member Rs. 2,00,000/- Rs. 36,000/- Rs. 2,36,000/-
 Startups Rs. 1,00,000/- Rs. 18,000/- Rs. 1,18,000/-