Before submitting the manuscript, every author needs to ensure all these mentioned below. This will also minimize chances of rejection.

Author information:

  • Information of all co-authors to be provided
  • Information while submitting and in the Manuscript should match

Manuscript length and formatting:

  • Abstract- in the proper format and required length
  • Key messages provided, If any?


  • Tables- to be cited within the text of the article
  • Tables to be placed within the article
  • Table legends to be provided
  • Too lengthy Tables/Supplementary Files should not be uploaded


  • Figures to be provided in acceptable format
  • All Figures should be in 300 dpi quality and JPEG Format
  • Figures to be labelled appropriately
  • Figures to be cited within the text of the article
  • Figure legends to be provided
  • Figures to be uploaded separately


  • Equations should be cleared and numbered in brackets (….1)
  • Equation should be typed in word using mathtype
  • Variables should be in italics, constants should be in plain text.


All references to be cited within text of the article

Supplementary files and appendices:

  • If no suitable reference is available appendices may be used to clarify certain points, such as step in the theoretical analysis.


  • Statements about Contributorship
  • Statement for Competing Interest
  • Statement for Data Sharing
  • Statement for Ethical Approval

Research reporting checklists:

Have you either provided the appropriate statement for your study type, or explained why a checklist isn’t required?


Acknowledge the source for any copy right matter that has been reused.