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The objective of this paper is to obtain an optimal concept design of aircraft wing. Topology optimization is used to yield an optimized shape and material distribution for a set of loads and constraints within a given design space. Initially a solid wing was considered as design space and meshed using hexahedral elements to derive the optimal location of spars and ribs such that the structure has minimum compliance. Load data includes flight, fuel and engine loads. The wing was constrained in all degrees of freedom at the root. It was shown that the results can be used to derive an appropriate configuration similar to the existing design practices. A new geometry with spars, ribs, hinge locations and lug attachments was next considered. The skin was meshed with shell elements. Hinge loads were also included. The optimization gave a box section for front spar, channel section for rear spar, truss pattern for ribs and V shaped member for hinges. Using this global material distribution a component level topology optimization was performed. The concept design is realized in to CAD and then a composite free-size optimization is performed to determine material distribution and ply drop regions etc. Finally a composite size and shape optimization is done.


Aircraft Wing, Topology Optimization, Free Size Optimization, Composite Optimization

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Rao, J., Kiran, S., Kamesh, J., Padmanabhan, M. A., & Chandra, S. (2023). Topology Optimization of Aircraft Wing. Journal of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies, 61(3), 402–414.


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