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Heat transfer from igniter to the propellant surface is one of the key factors which govern the ignition phenomenon in a solid rocket motor. The igniter ejects the particulate matter along with the hot gases during ignition process. These particles provide local ignition zones on the propellant surface along with the other modes of heat transfer provided. In order to identify and locate these hot spots experimentally, a lab scale rocket motor is used in which the igniter products are made to impinge on a silicon rubber sheet. A boron potassiumnitrate based pyrotechnic igniter is used in this study. The thermal imaging of the rubber sheet shows higher temperature near impingement point and along the length of the motor.


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Raviprasad, V., Sarma, S., Nagendra, K., & Ramakrishna, P. A. (2023). Pyrotechnic Igniter Impingement Study. Journal of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies, 75(3A), 383–387. Retrieved from


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